This is a website venture to make the imperative of aiming to get the global emission of carbon dioxide to zero, general knowledge and at the very least on the table of the UN negotiations for a new climate treaty. 

It is a not for profit venture motivated by the fact that committed global warming and climate change is now the humanitarian issue of all time. This website is a part of my work to get the fact that we are all in a dire planetary climate change emergency understood and acknowledged. Only the  can we expect action.

I am Doctor Peter Carter, a retired physician in Canada. For most of my adult life I have been concerned about the progressive global environmental degradation and pollution of our home planet Earth. I have many years of past experience in environmental health development policy.  

I look at our Earth, or all of life on Earth, as one organic whole and so I know that, just like the human body, damage to one Earth system affects the health of the whole biosphere. I know that polluting a vital Earth system, like the atmosphere and the oceans, harms the health of the entire biosphere.

I know that the most important thing there is to avoid unnecessary human suffering and premature death in the world by creating a healthy planet.   

We must all demand that our governments start to make zero carbon happen in short order.

The survival of humanity and life depends on it. 

This site explains why only zero carbon is the essential solution
 to global warming, climate change and ocean acidification. 


OnlyZeroCarbon.com explains how the basic climate science and the latest research on global climate change (and ocean acidification) show that planetary catastrophe is now inevitable without a planetary zero carbon emergency response.

The reason is simple. The science is definite that only by stopping adding carbon to the atmosphere, can the increase in the global temperature and ocean acidification stop. The IPCC has stated the fact clearly in the 2007 climate change assessment.

Only zero carbon makes all the carbon dioxide science, the mitigation measures, the economics and politics so simple. All you really have to know is that only zero CO2 emissions is the only CO2 target there is. If we do not aim for a zero carbon world we will have no world.

We hear of low carbon but how low is low to escape global climate catastrophe? We hardly ever hear of no carbon, and zero carbon emissions is not on the climate change mitigation agenda.

The 2C target is certain global climate planetary catastrophe. ​​

IC is the danger limit and we can achieve the 1C limit, but only with emergency drasticv action starting now.​​

Carbon feedback emissions also apply to the science of zero carbon. It is therefore essential that global warming not be allowed to progress to the extent of causing carbon feedbacks (already started).

The ice cores show that for all humanity and all life today's situation is most grave. Large 'slow' feedbacks that include Arctic methane carbon feedbacks lead to a long term climate sensitivity of 6C (double the 3C being used today). The ice cores reveal that the climate system is actually driven by these large +ve (i.e bad) climate feedbacks and can cause abrupt huge increases in global temperature.