World CO2 emissions 
from energy 
CO2 emissions by nation
CO2 emissions by nation per capita.
This data from the US EPA gives an idea of the relative industrial nation
​ contribution to CO2 emissions from fossil fuels. 
For zero carbon emissions all CO2 sources matter.

Fossil fuel combustion  Industry, building, transport

Cement manufacture
Deforestation (mainly for livestock)

Food production/agriculture (disturbing soil releases CO2)

Carbon feed backs(caused by global warming) 
 Illustrations showing  CO2
​ emissions sources
Sources of CO2
Carbon emissions from deforestation and industrial food production 
Methane atmospheric
​ oxidation to CO2
Sources by industry

C​arbon dioxide emissions by national quantities
Industrial scale deforestation is a major source of carbon dioxide.
​Most of the deforestation goes towards the raising of livestock.
This makes industrial food production a major source of carbon dioxide and methane​.
CO2 sources
The original source of fossil carbon fuels goes back 300 million years.